Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I am a photographer, not a poet nor a writer. I have been searching for a way to enhance my photographs with a description, one that depicts my personal experience encountered at the precise moment each image is captured and forever locked in time. A narrative that supports the visual in a manner that opens the mind of the observer to a moment of enlightenment and clarity toward the art of photography.

For those new to Haiku, the poems are intended to bring awareness to the abandoning of one's self-centered view for a crystalline moment of heightened awareness and clarity. Haiku poems do not rhyme and normally consist only of seventeen syllables, with words formatted in three lines (5-7-5). Many poems have a kigo, which in Japanese means a word referencing nature.

I intend to follow the Haiku format, but have allowed myself the freedom to write in a manner that satisfies my creativity. In contrast, some poems may not have an associated image because it will inspire me to search out an image not yet captured that supports the written word; we'll see how that plays out.

I hope readers find this endeavour a means of inspiration to begin writing or pursue the art of photography. I welcome your comments and encourage the sharing and exchange of ideas. Visit my complete body of photographic work at Flickr.com or at ideasinart.com


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